2 Day Workshop by MILA PASCUAL - NODUSSO, Singapore

Santika Premiere Hotel Jakarta, March 21-22, 2019

Tools and Framework to Enable Best Practice People Analytics and Planning for HR Professionals

People are every organization’s largest and most valuable asset. A well-sculpted workforce and positive culture significantly impact the success and well-being of an organization. To meet the challenges presented by this increasingly dynamic environment, employees must be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to competently deliver consistent outcomes. In order to create a workforce plan that addresses employee needs,

HR professionals must first understand the underlying factors that drive success.

It is important for HR professionals to be able to foresee the future requirements of the organization, and adapt to the evolving market trends while all at the same time creating a robust workforce strategy. With the use of strategic people analytics, HR professionals can derive the needs of a complex workforce from quality data. In this workshop, participants will explore the essential tools and techniques demanded by HR professionals to create a strategic workforce plan against the backdrop of change. It will focus on the technical abilities needed to integrate and interpret people analytics into your organizational strategy.

The 2 days will be practical and engaging. The workshop will be highly interactive, covering theories/models, latest case studies, best practice sharing, and group breakout sessions.



  1. Learn the foundations of People Analytics
  2. Build the analytical skills needed to interpret data
  3. Learn how to practically apply analytics to build a workforce plan
  4. Leverage tools and communication avenues to increase employee engagement
  5. Recognize and adapt to the limitations of using a HR Information System (HRIS)


  1. IDR 6,000,000 (Six Million Rupiah)
  2. Discount 10% for payment before February 28, 2019


  1. HR and Workforce/People Analytics Specialists
  2. HR Business Partners
  3. HR Manager of the following functions
  4. Recruitment
  5. Talent Management
  6. Training & Performance Management
  7. Organization Development & Change
  8. Learning & Development
  9. Engagement and Workforce Management


8 - 25 participants


Two (2) full days face to face workshop


This workshop will be conducted on March 21-22, 2019 in Santika Premiere Hotel, Jl. Ks Tubun Jakarta Barat


Contact Person : Melani Valupi

  1. +62 858 8343 7602 (WA)
  2. +62 813 1664 1136 (Direct)




Outline / Activities

Introduction & Objectives


• Introduction & Review Workshop Objectives
• Setting for Collaborative Session

Foundations of Workforce Analytics

• Driving forces behind the evolution of workforce analytics
• History of HR Metrics & People Analytics
• Analytics and the Employee Life Cycle: Sources of Value
• People Analytics Value Escalator

People Metrics

• Sources of Workforce/People Data
• People Metrics Plan
• Common Workforce Metrics

Identifying, collating and understanding meaningful data and metrics

• Identifying and selecting meaningful metrics whilst maintaining data simplicity
• Understanding People analytics: Highlighting meaningful relationships between data types
• Extend data reach that broadens analysis and increase qualitative results
• Filtering meaningful statistics from data pools to produce quality analytics


Conducting effective gap analysis to inform strategic direction

• Using data trends to identify gaps in recruitment, retention and skills
• Calculating supply versus demand gap in order to allocate sufficient resources that meet employee needs
• Benchmarking data against other departments and organizations to ensure best practice analytics
• Essential calculations: Headcount, salary, workforce supply, performance scores

Workforce forecasting and planning in a VUCA environment

• Examining the challenges of forecasting and planning
• The importance of succession planning to identify upcoming talent
• Understanding temporary and permanent changes that affect the workforce

Engaging leadership in order to gain organizational buy-in

• Engaging managers to actively participate in innovative performance management initiatives
• Producing easy-to-use data collection tools to increase participation in innovative performance management exercises
• Developing management capability to increase senior-level understanding of workforce analytics
• Acquiring an HR champion: Liaising with senior executives to inspire a workforce and lead change

Workforce Analytics Tools

• Different people analytics software

  • People Analytics tools and using analytics to drill down to problems

• Story-telling and metrics to fit the culture

Translating analytics into a strategic workforce plan

• Creating innovative strategies to address talent, retention and performance gaps
• Using analytics to identify root causes of workforce gaps and determine future occurrences

Integrating a workforce plan into a business strategy that aligns with organization objectives

• Increasing cross-functional engagement to align a workforce plan with employee requirements and expectations
• Liaising with senior management to determine HR’s role in an organizational vision
• Clearly documenting and presenting analytical conclusions to justify strategic decisions
• Creating a workforce plan that assists employees to meet organizational KPIs and objectives


English. Mixed discussion of theories, case studies and analysis, interactive exercises / individual and group breakout activities

Facilitator’s Profile

Strategic HR Leader, Transformational Leadership Development

Mila has nearly 10 years of leadership development experience in leadership/executive coaching, training, and career development coaching. She is a trusted advisor to executives and senior leadership teams on how to sustain a leadership and talent culture that drives optimum business results.

Mila has over 15 year experience in the fields of human capital management, labour relations management, executive development, leadership and talent development. Her hands-on exposure span different industries, namely: retail, marketing, consulting and hi-tech industries. She had worked in the Philippines, China, Singapore and have developed a keen leadership in handling people from different cultures. She specializes in working with leaders to be successful in leading organizations and teams to achieve the highest results possible in today’s challenging transitional business environment. Mila functionally lead a group of strategic HR partners and practitioners for IBM’s business services unit in China and the Philippines.

Mila has successfully coached numerous individuals and teams from both private and public sectors to unsurpassed results. She has spoken at several conferences on Transformational Leadership, Strategic HR & Business Partnership, and ASEAN Leadership Development agenda. She creates and leads webinars for senior and emerging leaders on an ongoing basis within IBM and through partner organizations.

Mila graduated Master in Industrial Relations major in Human Resources Management & Development from the University of the Philippines. She recently received her diploma in International Corporate Coaching from Singapore Management University. Mila is a certified Senior HR Practitioner with SHRM and a certified coach from International Coach Federation and World Association of Business Coaches. She had been enabling HR teams within and outside of IBM through training, seminars and as a consultant.