Objective of the Course

The Strategic HR Metrics Workshop does not simply provide guidance on how to build a scorecard, but effectively communicates why metrics are critical to organizational strategy. From KPIs to world-class analytic models, this workshop provides with essential knowledge to be able to effectively use strategic HR metrics in the organization.

Framework of the Workshop

Data-driven HR starts by defining and implementing the right HR metrics. Metrics help determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and the HR department itself.

The Strategic HR Metrics workshop helps you to develop HR metrics, implement them and align them with your organization’s strategy. Using the HR value chain, you will learn to determine which metrics are relevant to your strategic business goals and how to implement those successfully. Due to the practical applicability of the course, you will be able to immediately apply your new skills and insights to your organization.

Who Should Attend this workshop

This course is for anyone interested in preparing for the role of

  • HR Head
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Metrics Specialist
  • or any such role in the organization

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to define and implement HR metrics that are aligned with the overall business strategy
  • Understand the impact and use of HR metrics and their connection with HR analytics
  • Know the different types of metrics that are out there and understand their respective impact and application
  • Learn to use the HR value chain to define strategically relevant HR metrics

Program Schedule

  • Day 1(Tuesday, 1 Oct 2019)

  • Morning Session
    1. Why We Measure in HR (1 Hour)
    2. - Understand the reasons for measurements
    3. - Explain the strategy-focused organization
    4. - Describe how you should measure for HR data
    1. The Business Balanced Scorecard & KPIs (1 Hour)
    2. - Understand the HR Value Chain
    3. - Explain the different scorecards
    4. - Describe the business balanced scorecard
    1. Defining Metrics (1 Hour)
    2. - Describe the components of metrics
    3. - Understand the different measures in metrics
    4. - Explain the HR measurement model
  • Afternoon Session
    1. The HR Scorecard and Related Metrics (1 Hour)
    2. - Describe the HR Scoreboard
    3. - Understand the HR value chain measurements
    4. - Describe the key elements of the HR scoreboard
    1. HR Metrics and KPIs (2 Hours)
    2. - Define metrics from strategy to KPI
    3. - Explain the performance matrix in HR
    4. - Understand several key metrics for your business
  • Day 2 (Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019)

  • Morning Session
    1. Linking HR Strategy to HR metrics (3 Hours)
    2. - Understand the Talent Management Process
    3. - Explain HR strategy to metrics
    4. - Describe metrics for key areas in talent management
    1. Afternoon Session (3 Hours)
      50 Strategic HR Metrics
    2. - Group Discussion and Group Activities

Profile of the Facilitator: Praven Kamath Kumbla

Praveen Kamath K is a Global renowned Speaker, Coach and Facilitator with 23 years of strategic HR & delivery experience working in large scale Manufacturing, IT & IT Services companies with a proven track record of leading global leadership teams, processes, projects & change management initiatives.

He is currently holding a position of a General Manager & Head of HR for Global Delivery Enablement (GDE) of Wipro Limited; a US$8Bn company having their presence in 60 global locations employing 170000 employees.

He has been instrumental in managing the talent growth engines of Wipro managing significant ramps to employ more than 30 thousand employees across 30 global delivery centers. As one of the youngest global leaders of Wipro - he has been presented with ‘Best Global Manager Award - 2012’ from Wipro Corporation in Oct 2012.

Prior to joining Wipro he was the Head of HR of Cambridge Integrated Services, Tyco Healthcare & Jindal Praxair India Ltd. His 19yrs work experience includes large conglomerate to establish their set ups in India, Mergers & Acquisitions as well as developing young leaders.

A ranker & a gold medalist, he holds a Masters in Social Work (Human Resources) from Mangalore University & a Diploma from ISTD, New Delhi.
As a passionate teacher, trainer & a coach, he advises several mid / small scale industries developing leadership, training and transformation initiatives. His drive to develop young entrepreneurs build large corporations by driving right leadership strategies & HR frameworks continues. By invitation, he has been a speaker in global forums in Asia, Europe & US.


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