Jumpstart your creativity and ideas towards the digital innovation

Digital innovation means ideas for change in your business. Do you find it challenging to get yourself and your team be creative and open-minded to changes? Do you want to roll out digital innovation more easily? If yes, this program is for you.

In this program, you will learn specific strategies and techniques to unleash your personal and team creativity, so that you will be able generate creative ideas for new products, services and business model.

You’ll also get access to practical examples and case studies on how worldwide companies and businesses incorporating creativity and innovation into their operation.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop better creativity and innovation skills in the digital innovation context
  • Develop systems to work with ideas more effectively
  • Generate and manage creative ideas fast for new products, services and business model
  • Get ready for digital transformation with a set of creativity toolkits


  • Leaders, managers and executives who need to inject creative and innovative ideas towards the digital future
  • Leaders, managers and executives who need to drive digital innovation and agile organization development
  • Business professionals involved in the creation of new directions, products, services and processes in preparation for the digital future

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  •   Session, Outline / Activities

  •   Introduction & Objectives
  •   Introduction & workshop overview
  •   Digitization vs digitalization
  •   Digital innovation
  •   Foundation of Creativity
  •   4 reasons to drive creativity in the context of digital innovation
  •   How to upskill your / team creativity using a simple 3-pillar strategy
  •   Ideas generation and management
  •   The Ideas Pyramid ™
  •   7 pathways to rapid ideas generation for new products and services
  •   How to prioritize various business ideas towards digital transformation
  •   How to present your ideas to the upper management for buy-in
  •   Case studies & sharing
  •   Worldwide companies and businesses incorporating creativity and innovation into their operation


Dickson Tang
keynote speaker, author and facilitator

Dickson Tang is a keynote speaker, author and facilitator.
He helps people and organization get creative towards the future.
He is author of the book "Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity" and was featured in media such as Forbes, Irish Tech News and “Money FM 89.3”.

Dickson works with leaders and executives from Cartier, CITIC Telecom, JVC Kenwood, Mannheim Business School, Menicon, Montblanc, NETS, Novartis, Rakuten and many more.
He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ESSEC Graduate School of Management in France and a Bachelor of Social Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore.
To find out more about Dickson, check out www.dicksontang.me


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