"It’s time to evaluate the Human Resource Function to drive Business Efficacy"
Santika Hotel Jakarta, May 2nd - 3rd 2018


How HR Is Evolving and Maturing Throughout the Best Organizations

  • Are your HR Policies, Procedures and Practices aligned to Strategic Business Objectives?

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your Organization’s HR Performance?

  • How is your organization’s Financial Performance affected by the absence of an HR Audit?

  • Conducting HR audits is an integral part of an HR professional's role in any company. Not only will an HR audit help a company ensure it is in compliance with the latest laws and regulations, but it will also help HR professionals streamline /standardize processes, identify risk areas, and tie HR operations to strategic business goals to achieve and maintain world-class competitiveness in key HR practice areas

    There are various types of audits designed to accomplish a variety of objectives. An HR audit can be as comprehensive as needed within the constraints of time, budgeting, and resources. There are also various steps an HR professional can carry out during the audit process to make the process run smoothly, effectively, efficiently and relevant to its purpose

    HR audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the current human resource development strategies, structure, systems, processes, competencies and skills in the context of the short and long-term business plans of a company. It is commonly practiced in large MNCs throughout the world. HR audit attempts to find out the future HR needs of the company (desired state) after assessing the current HRD activities and inputs available. The results of a good Audit if implemented well can lift up the intellectual capital and share holder value of the corporation. HRD Audit is meant to lift up the HRD function and through it company performance.


    By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

    1. Comprehend and understand the concepts of an HR Audit and its importance in Global HR Applications

    2. Recognize the importance of a HR Audit and how to assess the quality of HR practices, policies and delivery

    3. Know the Methodologies used in Auditing and how to avoid pitfalls

    4. Evaluate HR systems and competencies using the Audit tools

    5. Evaluate relevance and redundancies of HR systems, procedures and processes to achieve be ahead of the game

    6. Identify strengths and weaknesses of HR department using multiple methods

    7. How to prepare a HR Audit report?

    8. Why are post audit actions crucial?


    Session 1.
    Assessing your HR Performance and Needs
    • Positioning of HR in your organization
    • What role does HR play in your organization?
    • What is your corporate culture and what are your employee value propositions?
    • HR Matrix, Competencies and KPI’s
    Session 2.
    Introduction to HR Audit
    • Introduction to the concepts of HR Audit
    • An overview
    • Pre -Audit Process - Checklist
    • Methodology of HR Audit
    • Role of HR Audit in Business Improvements
    • Pitfalls to avoid
    • HRD Scorecard
    Session 3.
    Conducting the HR Audit Pro
    • What tools and How to use the tools
    • Resource allocation
    • Information gathering and techniques
    • Case studies
    Session 4.
    Preparing a HRD Audit Repo
    rt / Gap Analysis
    • A Step-by-step guide
    • Data Analysis
    • Technical report writing guidelines
    • Structure and formatting
    Session 5.
    Post Audit Actions
    • Recommended actions after an audit review
    • Structured Follow-ups and reporting mechanism
    Session 6.
    Group discussions and Q&A
    • Recap and review of Day 1 and Day 2 key learnings
    • Q&A



    1. Interactive facilitation
    2. Group work and discussions
    3. Role plays/ Videos / Simulations
    4. Group presentations - mock audit


    1. HR Directors / Heads of HR
    2. HR Managers / HR Business Partners
    3. Compliance Managers / Internal Auditors
    4. HR Executives / HR Analysts
    5. Risk Assurance Managers

    Time & Venue :

    This Workshop will be conducted:
    On May 2nd - 3rd 2018,
    Santika Hotel Jakarta

    Participant Fee

    5.500.000 / participant
    Discount 10% for payment before, 13 April 2018

    ASHA MENON (cert. HR Auditor, LLB (Hons))

    Asha Menon, offers more than a decade of accomplishment-laden experience in the field of human capital management in diverse industries managing and driving achievement in HR processes, systems, compliance and governance leading to strategic HR.

    She has proven expertise in policy design, system development and implementation, talent acquisition strategies, rewards and recognition mechanisms, continuous learning and development, competency mapping, capability building and effective performance management systems, employee engagement and industrial harmony, restructuring and change management, strategic planning, resulting in Organizational development.

    A graduate from University of London, with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), a certified HR Auditor, a member of the Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors (MACD), a member of The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) with a pre-GPHR certification and a member of The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIA), Asha executes her knowledge acquired through serial learning by implementing integrated plans to ensure accelerated productivity, synergy towards employee engagement and alignment of HR systems to that of Organizational goals.

    Asha serves as a collaborative business partner to align organizational goals and facilitate productive and proactive programs that fuel high-performing organizations (HPO). She has demonstrated experience, initiating cost containment strategies resulting in significant savings and her proven skills in labour, and the field of employment law including handling a reduction in workers compensation expenses, successful negotiations in IR disputes from complaint investigation to thwart legal action is definitely her forte.

    Asha recently decided to make her exit as the HR Director of REA Group, Asia, a digital advertising company owned by NewsCorp Australia that acquired the iProperty Group of companies in Asia. Asha’s portfolio covered a cross functional remit into Australia and Asia with a staff strength of more than 1200 people. Prior to that, she was the HR Director for South east Asia for a multi-national logistics player, Agility Malaysia and the past 16 years has been a learning curve for her, going through corporate chapters of setting up HR departments, building talent pipeline, promoting HR automation and championing digitalization, harmonization work in mergers and acquisitions, organizational cultural transformation, design, leading and managing teams and individuals with the aid of change management strategies, coaching and developing talents from middle level to leadership roles.

    Asha finally seized the moment to realize her aspirations in embarking on a consulting journey to lead, steer and drive strategic HR input in advising and partnering with enterprise leadership teams on human capital decisions affecting business operations and growth. To support this goal, she established and is spearheading AM Talent Partners, ready to curate shared experiences and galvanize talents through the business lenses for start-ups.

    Asha received certification in HR Auditing by the Open University Malaysia and is a qualified HR Auditor. She has been in the esteem panel of jury for the Asia Recruitment Awards 2015 & 2016 and the HR Excellence Awards 2016 organized by the Human Resources Online Singapore.
    Asha has quite a high profile in the HR profession in SE Asia, doing speaking event at various HR conferences and rather impressively was awarded last year the “Top 100 Most Influential Global Human Resources Leaders” by the World HRD Congress, an award which was not applied for, but rather awarded in recognition of her contributions to the HR industry.