Creative Beings Consultancy (CBC)

Creative Beings Consultancy (CBC) is a Malaysian based Talent Development Firm that uses real life projects to create sustainable behavioural change, across industries.

Established in 1996, CBC was founded by Dr. Muruga, a Behavioural Psychologist, and Dr. Malar, a Strategic Management Consultant. Dr. Muruga, an author of two bestsellers, “The Easy UC Way,” and “I Change,” focuses on People Management, aimed at changing old behavior patterns and habits to bring about a change in mindset to adopt new behavioural changes. Dr. Malar, a Ph.D in Political Science focusing on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, focuses on Performance Management, to bring about a higher ROI through performance measurements. Both Consultants work hand in hand to bring about a strategic change and cultural change within an organisation to result in sustainable performance. The emphasis here is on two areas: creating an impact, and ensuring sustainability.

Over the 20 years, both Consultants have brought about significant changes in multinational organisations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos. The target group being the Senior Management Team, the Consultants apply the Accelerated Learning Technique which employs 80% activity based learning and 20% knowledge transfer to impart academic and industrial concepts and frameworks. Academic Concepts can range from the BCG Matrix to the QSDM Framework for Strategies. Industrial Concepts ranges from adopting the Ford Motor 8D Problem Solving Technique to the GE/McKinsey Matrix. Performance Measurement Matrixes, Corporate Entrepreneurship Models, Employee Engagement Matrixes, Psychological Profiling and Changing Mindset Frameworks are some of the models and frameworks conceptualised and applied by the Consultants in the organisations.

Creative Beings Consultancy
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